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ces 2011

Okamiden Paints A Beautiful Handheld Picture

by Ben Reeves on Jan 06, 2011 at 12:59 PM

I’ve been eager to get our hands on a finished build of Capcom’s portable sequel to Okami for a while. At this year’s CES, I had the chance to play through a new area of the game and try out two new brush techniques. 

Nine months after the events of Okami, the world is again threatened by evil dark forces. This time, however, it’s not Amaterasu that comes to the rescue, but her child, the sun god pup, Chibiterasu. I started out demo in chapter six, which is approximately halfway though the entire game. This gave me a glimpse of one of Chibiterasu’s new partners, Kurow, a young boy who calls everyone "dude" and gets uncomfortably nervous around pretty girls.

During my time with the game I learned two new brush techniques: Galestorm, a powerful gust of wind that was good for clearing away the clouds, and Thunderstorm, a brush technique that allowed me to grab lightning out of the environment and throw it at enemies or other objects. I also played two simple minigames. In the first, I flew through a windstorm and had to use the Galestorm brush technique to blow myself back onto the path if I began to stray. In the second, I used the Powerslash technique to destroy musical notes as they floated above the heads of a traveling group of musicians.

With its quirky cast of characters, it’s vibrant dungeon-filled world, and its variety of gameplay challenges, Okamiden looks like one DS title you shouldn’t brush aside. The game comes out March 15, but in the meantime, check out the wealth of new screens below.

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