Nine Parchments

Cooperative Spellcasting Game Arrives Later This Year
by Elise Favis on Nov 26, 2017 at 04:14 PM
Publisher: Frozenbyte
Developer: Frozenbyte
Release: 2017
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4

Frozenbyte, the creators of the Trine series, are hard at work developing Nine Parchments. Nine Parchments is a cooperative spellcasting blast-'em-up action game that can be played by up to four players.

You play as a group of wizrarding students on a quest to find powerful spell parchments. Although the game has a focus on multiplayer (both online and locally), it can also be experienced solo. It mixes chaotic magical action along with RPG elements, such as leveling up your character, learning new spells, and the ability to unlock other playable characters as you progress.

You'll come across all sorts of spells that can be combined and mixed in creative ways. Some can even be thrown through the air then slammed atop of enemies. Types of spells include categories such as fire, ice, lightning, steam, life, death and non-elemental ones. You start off with three spells and expand your spellcasting knowledge as you progress. You also have unique abilities that can be upgraded.

Nine Parchments has 32 levels, eight of which are boss fights. It will be available as of early December on a variety of platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.