NES Remix 2

Year Of Luigi Lives On In NES Remix 2 Trailer
by Kyle Hilliard on Apr 23, 2014 at 02:55 PM
Platform Wii U
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo
Rating Everyone

Luigi's year may have officially ended last month, but its memory lives on in the latest trailer for NES Remix 2 for Wii U.

The new trailer for Nintendo's upcoming collection of remixed NES games, which releases April 25 on Wii U, features Super Luigi Bros.. In the game, players play the classic NES Super Mario Bros., in its entirety apparently, as Luigi moving from right to left, as opposed to left to right.

You can check out the trailer below, but I warn that it will affect your general perception forcing you to question what it is real and what is your imagination. We've seen this game played a certain way for decades, and to see it played in reverse? It's troubling, and unsettling, and I say this without sarcasm. It's very strange.

According to a report from earlier today, the next collection of games to be remixed by Nintendo may be GBA or SNES games. You can learn more about that story here. You can check out our review of the first NES Remix here.

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