14 Details About NASCAR Heat 2 & Its Two New Racing Series
by Matthew Kato on Jun 11, 2017 at 11:00 AM
Publisher: 704Games
Developer: Monster Games
Rating: Everyone
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Last year's NASCAR Heat Evolution was Monster Games' first current-gen NASCAR title, and its return to the sport. The game had its high points, but was overall a pretty basic experience. NASCAR Heat 2 (out September 12 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC) is a more ambitious project, encompassing new features across the board.

Here's a list at some of just some of the things to expect from the title – with more to come this summer.


  • The game features the Monster Cup series, Xfinity series, and Camping World Truck series, including many of the series' drivers and six new tracks – three road courses, two ovals, and a dirt track.
  • NASCAR Heat 2 introduces stage racing, and also features each series' appropriate playoff structures.
  • You can customize your car (there isn't a full paint booth editor). This car can then be used instead of your regular sponsor car. When you sign on with a team you'll take over one of the real cars for that team.
  • Speed Points return from the first game, but you are not restricted to which tracks you can race at the start.
  • The front menu has a News Feed that contains culled articles about real-world NASCAR events.


  • Two players can race each other in offline splitscreen, and Monster Game is currently looking if any alternate camera modes will be available.
  • Whether you play online or off, points based on your performance will be tracked on a rolling four-race basis. The points leader at the end of every four races will be crowned king. These races can span different series.
  • Leaderboards track who's best at that track, who's top five in wins, etc.
  • All lobbies are available at the same time and can be browsed through.
  • You can choose to fill out the remaining field with A.I. cars.
  • Customized and DLC cars can be taken online.
  • The developer says it's still finalizing more details about the game's online structure, so there should be more details before launch.


  • Monster is working on the game's bump drafting and side drafting systems to make them more useful.
  • Damage, at least visually, has been expanded, allowing for more ways to make your car ugly. This includes crumpled and flipped-up hoods.

This is just the beginning for the title, so stay tuned for more details.

Looks like Mid-Ohio road course in the Xfinity series is in the game (above), as well as the dirt track at Eldora for the trucks (below).