Ms. Splosion Man

"Two Girls, One Controller" In Ms. Splosion Man
by Matt Miller on May 13, 2011 at 09:12 AM
Platform Xbox 360, PC, iOS
Publisher Twisted Pixel Games
Developer Twisted Pixel
Release Summer 2012

Do you have the courage to learn exactly what this weird new mode might be?

All this week, the team over at Twisted Pixel has been teasing the existence of Two Girls, One Controller (2G1C) at the game's website. The new mode will be an additional challenge to anyone who has already mastered the already difficult platforming that the sequel will present.

A recent press release from Twisted Pixel had this to say: "Like its impossible-to-unsee video namesake, this new mode is ridiculous, preposterous, and not for everyone. Our mode is called Two Girls, One Controller, and it allows one player to control two Splosion Gals simultaneously on the same controller. You use the left analog stick with LB button for one, and the right analog stick with RB for the other.  It takes a keen eye and a whole lot of dexterity to keep these two girls on target, but once you get the rhythm right you’re off and sploding."

We've got details on both this new mode and other newly announced features in the June issue (218) of Game Informer. If you haven't received your copy yet, you can bide your time by watching the final reveal video from Twisted Pixel regarding the new mode. In the video, you ought to get an idea exactly how hard it's going to be to play this way.

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