Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Bringing The Hunt To Switch
by Kimberley Wallace on May 10, 2018 at 11:45 AM
Platform Switch
Publisher Capcom
Developer Capcom
Rating Teen

Today, Nintendo made a big announcement about Capcom's successful action/RPG franchise. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is coming to Switch, and its release date is only a few months away.

Monster Hunter Generations originally hit 3DS back in 2016, and many diehards were hoping the Switch version, which released a year ago in Japan, would make its way to our shores. Thankfully, that's now a reality. Generations Ultimate is an HD port and expansion of the 3DS version.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate holds the basic gameplay loop that fans have adored, which includes hunting monsters and customizing their avatars with their parts. However, due to the game launching last year in Japan, don't expect this version to contain the enhancements, such as the more accessible controls, from Monster Hunter: World. That being said, you still can hunt with up to three other players online to take down the biggest and hardest foes. 

Our own Dan Tack loved the 3DS version for its variety of bosses and landscapes, as he wrote in his review: "While Monster Hunter can be distilled down into a basic loop of hunt, gather, upgrade, micromanage inventory and Palico perks, rinse and repeat, the process is quite satisfying as the “boss barrage” continues to serve up interesting encounters across snowfields, volcanos, and lush islands." 

Nintendo also provided a trailer for the announcement, which you can watch below.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate hits Switch on August 28. This is the series' first foray on the console, giving players the option to hunt on the go or on the big screen.

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