Metro Redux

Metro Redux Is Much More Than A Visual Update
by Mike Futter on May 22, 2014 at 05:00 AM
Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: 4A Games
Release: August 26, 2014 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC), February 28, 2020 (Switch)
Rating: Mature
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

After a leak earlier this year, Deep Silver bit the bullet and confirmed the existence of Metro Redux, a updated compilation of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. Today, we’ve got new details about the titles, and the visual update is just the beginning.

Both titles will run at 60 frames per second, with Metro 2033 receiving the bulk of the upgrades. That title has been revamped on developer 4A Games’ latest engine, and incorporating the gameplay features from Last Light.

The AI is smarter and deadlier and the mask wipe mechanic and animation have been implemented. Of course, the visuals have been overhauled to bring them on par with Last Light, which has seen its own improvements. 

Fan-requested features like being able to check the watch and inventory have been implemented. Additionally, players can opt to progress through the games in either the survival horror style of Metro 2033 or the more action-based play of Last Light.

All of the DLC, including Ranger Mode (no HUD, more difficult conditions), are included for both. The two titles will be available for $24.99 each via download on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. A retail compilation will be available simultaneously this summer. Linux and SteamOS versions are planned for later this year.

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PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Release Date:
August 26, 2014 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC), 
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