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Lone Echo

Announcement Trailer Revealed For Lone Echo
by Elise Favis on Oct 09, 2016 at 11:45 AM
Platform Rift
Publisher Oculus Studios
Developer Ready At Dawn
Rating Rating Pending

At this year's Oculus Connect 3, fellow editor Javy Gwaltney got a chance to check out the upcoming Oculus Rift game Lone Echo, which thoroughly impressed him. Taking place in outer space, you experience zero-g first hand with the Oculus Touch controllers.

As an astronaut, you maneuver around the world by grabbing hold of walls or any surface nearby to pull you towards your destination. In the demo we played at Oculus Connect 3, the game functioned like soccer in space, giving both an Ender's Game and Tron-like vibe as two teams take control of robots that attempt to throw discs into an opponent's goal.

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