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e3 2016


Twin-Stick Hero Shooting Takes Off
by Daniel Tack on Jun 15, 2016 at 08:42 AM

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Platform PC
Publisher Perfect World
Developer Tuque Games
Release 2016
Rating Teen

Perfect World's upcoming title Livelock has a great recipe – Diablo-esque minibosses, solid twin-stick shooting mechanics, lots of shiny lights and explosions, and an incredibly focused selection of just three heroes that players can pick from to participate in single player or up to 3-person co-op campaign combat. There's no player-vs-player, but there is plenty of room for "build diversity" on each champion as players unlock new weapons and options as they level up.

Players can edit their loadouts to create their perfect vision of the tank, the damage dealer, and the support, but in the context of a mission everyone is always fighting and smashing those cooldowns – you won't be "left out" by selecting the tank or healer role. Additionally, all players can pick the same core archetype if they wish, as it's likely that the builds and options on each character will vary greatly based on player preference.

After that. it's down to business selecting a mission and heading off to combat, battling droves of droids and attempting to stay alive as you head through levels that end with big boss fights that borrow a bit from the MMORPG school of thought, with weak points, "raid mechanics", and other special abilities, some of which may only activate after the boss has taken considerable damage. After that, it's rinse and repeat as you level up and upgrade to your heart's content and strike out on the leaderboards, either as a solo point-chaser or you and your friends going for the ultimate team run.

Unlike many other Perfect World titles, Livelock is not free-to-play, and will launch sometime this year on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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