Your L4D Crash Course Begins Sept 29

by Andy McNamara on Sep 24, 2009 at 10:37 AM

A lot of people think they could handle the zombie apocalypse. These are the kind of people that say, “meh, if the world’s gonna end there might as well be zombies.” What these hardcore survivalists don’t understand, is that if you do survive the initial chaos of undead proliferation, picking off zombies everyday gets monotonous. Valve seems to share this foresight, and that’s why they’re releasing new DLC to spice up the Left 4 Dead 1 experience.

Wedged snugly in between the No Mercy and Death Toll campaigns, Crash Course sees the fab four survivors hoofing it after their (surprise) helicopter crashes. The DLC will expand the single-player, multiplayer, and co-operative modes of the games. The versus mode caters to busy zombie apocalypse fanatics, with “streamlined” rounds lasting right around 30 minutes. A fancy wait to say it’s short? Maybe.

PC gamers will be receiving the Crash Course DLC absolutely free of charge on September 29th, whereas 360 users will be shelling out 560 Microsoft Points. Doesn’t Microsoft know standard currency doesn’t apply when the dead walk the earth?

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