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Nicholson Electroplating Presents The First Taste Of L.A. Noire DLC
by Dan Ryckert on Jun 21, 2011 at 12:31 PM
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Publisher Rockstar Games
Developer Rockstar Games
Rating Mature

L.A. Noire’s first post-release DLC is upon us, and we just finished up the case of “Nicholson Electroplating.” Available for 320 Microsoft Points or $3.99 on Playstation 3 (free for those that purchased the Rockstar Pass), the mission just released today. It revolves around a deadly factory explosion, but it wouldn’t be L.A. Noire if there wasn’t more to the story beneath the surface.

My initial concern involved how the case would be accessed. I’m currently at the end of the vice missions on disc 3, so I haven’t started at the arson desk yet. When I heard “Nicholson Electroplating” was an arson case, I wondered if I’d be able to access it immediately for this story or if I’d have to work my way up to its predetermined spot in the main game (which was how I ran across “The Naked City”). Thankfully, it’s immediately accessible from the cases menu regardless of your current progress. Outside of a new partner I hadn’t met yet, nothing popped up that spoiled story elements for me.

Beginning with a chat between Cole Phelps and partner Herschel Biggs, the conversation is quickly derailed by a massive explosion in downtown L.A. They hop in the car and speed through falling ash as they approach the debris and wreckage that used to be the Nicholson Electroplating plant. After taking on some looters, it's time to investigate the scene of the accident.

I don’t want to give anything of significance away, because unraveling each case is the major draw of the game. I will say that the mission turns out to be more than a simple factory accident, as murder, hints of espionage, shootouts, deciphering hidden codes, and even Howard Hughes play a role.

Outside of the large-scale event that occurs at the beginning of “Nicholson Electroplating,” the case proceeds just how you’d expect based on the main game. You’ll visit numerous locations, interview potentially shady individuals, examine photographs (and a hairbrush or two, of course), get into a car chase, and eventually bring someone to justice. It’ll last over an hour if you’re the thorough type, and should satisfy your investigative itch if you’ve already beaten the main game.

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