Kinect Star Wars

Debut Trailer For Kinect Star Wars
by Matthew Kato on Jun 05, 2011 at 06:06 PM
Platform Xbox 360
Publisher LucasArts
Developer Terminal Reality
Rating Teen

For many, a Kinect Star Wars game is all they've wanted from the peripheral. LucasArts and developer Terminal Reality will show the game at E3, and here's your first glimpse.

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive video of the game's E3 trailer, and it shows off a range of Kinect-enabled Star Wars action set in Episodes I-III, including Force attacks, lightsaber action (naturally), podracing, fighter combat, and even Rancor stomping (whatever that is). EW's report even says that some form of voice-commands is enabled. Although the game's main Jedi Destiny mode encompasses Episodes I-III, players will get to visit locations from the original trilogy such as Bespin.

Kinect Star Wars also includes co-op play, but we likely won't have details on that until the start of E3.

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