Killzone: Shadow Fall

Story Trailer Sets The Stage For A New War Between The ISA And Helghast
by Mike Futter on Oct 22, 2013 at 05:53 AM
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Guerrilla Games
Rating: Mature
Platform: PlayStation 4

Killzone: Shadow Fall takes place 30 years after the conclusion of Killzone 3. The Helghast have been forced to evacuate, and they now live alongside the ISA. An uneasy peace has been struck, and it is about to be broken.

The story trailer shows off the rising tensions, the effects of the last war between the ISA and the Helghast, and some stunning visuals. Killzone: Shadow Fall will be available alongside the PlayStation 4 at the console's launch on November 15. The title is available for pre-order now on the PlayStation store. For more on Killzone: Shadow Fall, check out our preview and video interview from Gamescom 2013.