Kerbal Space Program

Upcoming KerbalKon Celebrates The Third Anniversary Of Kerbal Space Program
by Kyle Hilliard on Dec 11, 2013 at 02:41 PM
Publisher: Squad
Developer: Squad
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One

KerbalKon, an upcoming event that will be streamed online to celebrate the game's third birthday, will offer a first look at update version 0.23.

The stream begins tomorrow and goes through December 13, and you can watch it here. The stream will feature the game's lead developer Felipe Falanghe, as well as special guests from the game's streaming community.

The new update for the game, 0.23, will be available on December 16, but the stream will offer a first look at some of the game's new features. Some of 0.23 additions will include the following:

  • Adjust several parts during construction, including landing gear, engines, wheels and control surfaces to “tweak” rockets and ships to personal preferences
  • Browse through all of the science you’ve collected in your Career Mode games in the Science Archives, a new addition to the R&D building
  • Added a new part called the Laboratory Module, which requires two Kerbals and lots of power but allows experiments to be processed before transmitting them home, increasing their value

For a full schedule of what will be happening during the stream, head here. To learn more about the game and the atypical history of its developer, head here.