Kerbal Space Program

Learn How To Build Rockets With The Kerbal Space Program
by Ben Reeves on Jul 23, 2013 at 03:50 PM
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Publisher Squad
Developer Squad
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The Kerbal Space Program is an indie sandbox game from Squad. The game drops players into a spaceport, gives them a box of high-tech Legos, and ask them to build a rocket to the stars. Failing is almost as fun as succeeding.

Squad just announced that Kerbal Space Program will soon receive the first of several updates which focus on the game’s Career Mode. Players will be able to hire their own astronauts, built rockets under a budget, and take on contracts to earn money. Here are a few other details you can expect from the update:

  • Crew Management: Select your Kerbal astronauts from a list of applicants, and track the status of the ones you have in the new Astronaut Complex Facility. Also, pick and choose the crew for new missions before launch with the new crew assignment panels
  • Updated Construction Facility Scenes: Admire the view with completely overhauled and updated Vehicle Assembly and Space Planes Hangar buildings
  • New Flight Control System: Re-built from scratch, the new Stability Augmentation System (or more popularly known as Sickness Avoidance Solution) should be a drastic improvement for new and old players
  • Terrain Additions: Many planets and moons around the Kerbal Solar System have been updated to feature beautiful new landscapes, featuring procedurally-generated craters and little hills and valleys, which are even more fun to land (or crash) on than before

Check out the screens below, and if you're interested in checking out Kerbal Space Program, you can download the game via Steam’s Early Access Program or on the Kerbal Space Program website.

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