Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2: Revolution Has Never Been This Absurd
by Matt Miller on Sep 30, 2009 at 12:58 PM
Platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Developer Avalanche Studios
Rating Mature

It’s been a good while since we first heard word of Just Cause 2, but this month finally gave us the opportunity to see the game in action. Packed with missions that fill a positively gargantuan game world, those aren’t the features you’ll notice first. Like us, as you parachute into the action, you’ll spend the first few minutes laughing at how totally insane this game is.

Rico Rodriguez has received a makeover since his days in the first Just Cause. As the game opens, we see our newly rugged hero dropping through the sky into the fictional southeast Asian island of Panau. Your stunt chute is extremely maneuverable, allowing for quick turns and fast dives toward the ground. Stopping on one of the towering mountains, we look out on the sprawling vista stretched out below him. Dropping down onto a speeding car, Rico sets to work blowing up everything in sight as the vehicle beneath him veers and crashes. Causing chaos is the major path to unlocking new missions, so there’s no reason Rico shouldn’t go absolutely crazy as he demolishes vehicles, takes out guerilla soldiers, and topples buildings. Even if one of your three currently equipped weapons doesn’t cause enough destruction, the ground is positively littered with explosive objects. An easy-to-aim grappling hook pulls you around to any part of the environment, slingshotting you up to redeploy your chute and go flying off in some new direction. Alternately, the grappler can be used to tether two objects together, such as an enemy soldier and a propane tank. Shoot the tank, and proceed to watch your foe get pulled screaming into the air as the gas shoots skyward.

Cause enough chaos, and more of the 50 story missions will unlock across the massive island nation of Panau, which stretches 32 kilometers across at several points. The map is littered with settlements, military bases, airports, and more, all placed to encourage your unique breed of shenanigans. The 100-plus vehicles in the game include everything from helicopters to dune-hopping motocross bikes, each with their own specialties. Some are great for the expansive desert, while others are designed to get you through the snowy mountain peaks near the center of the island.

Wherever you go, and however you get there, the focus in Just Cause 2 seems to be squarely set on insane stunts, broad freedom of activity and movement, and a constant flow of action. We came away impressed, and eager to get our hands on the full game and experiment for ourselves.

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