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Injustice 2

Cheetah Sharpens Her Claws In Latest Character Trailer
by Jordan Leendertsen on Mar 20, 2017 at 07:33 AM
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive
Developer NetherRealm Studios
Rating Teen

After her initial reveal in the "Here Come The Girls" Trailer last month, NetherRealm has given fans a closer look at Cheetah with a trailer that spotlights the feral fighter and her various moves and abilities. Battling Robin, Deadshot, and Wonder Woman, Cheetah makes the best of a fast, juggle-heavy moveset to slash her way to victory.

Aside from Cheetah, the trailer shows off a fair bit of new content, including some new moves from Deadshot, as well as a new stage transition involving the Batwing getting its wings clipped. Check it out down below.

Relying heavily on mixups and juggle combos, Cheetah seems like a character worth learning for any fans of Mortal Kombat X's Mileena or Alien. Her mid-air moves appear to make up a good deal of her potential, including a throw that can stop enemies from going in, and a pounce that acts as a kind of dive kick. She also comes with both high and low command grabs that can be juggled for further damage, making her a character that can keep her enemies guessing. 

Last week, NetherRealm sat down during one of their Watchtower Streams, and took a deep dive on Cheetah and Swamp Thing, detailing how their special moves, combos, and passive abilities work. You can find the stream archive here, and while the whole thing is a pretty good time, you can skip to the 48-minute mark to see when Cheetah takes center stage.

NetherRealm recently announced that Injustice 2's gear system will feature microtransactions for cosmetic items, which you can read more about here.

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