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Catwoman Gets Cracking In New Gameplay Trailer
by Jordan Leendertsen on Apr 03, 2017 at 12:50 PM
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Developer: NetherRealm Studios
Rating: Teen
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Another week, another Injustice 2 trailer. This time, NetherRealm studios has seen fit to grace fans with a new gameplay trailer showing off Catwoman's various moves and abilities. Fans also get a closer look at Injustice 2's Batcave, a new stage transition, and some quality Harley Quinn-Selina Kyle interaction. You can take a look at the full trailer down below.

Gameplay wise, Catwoman seems to have gotten a pretty big overhaul since the first Injustice, with new moves for her whip, a new trait that appears to allow her to command a cat, and a projectile dodge. She also shows off to a divekick, and an overhead cartwheel kick similar to the first Injustice's Batgirl. One thing that hasn't changed about the character is her speed and agility. Catwoman seems to be a very close-range character, relying on mixups and short-burst combo strings to do her damage. Time will tell how her moveset compares to other faster characters like Cheetah and Black Canary.

One interesting bit of Injustice lore in the trailer comes from Harley Quinn during the intro. Trying to convince Catwoman to join a team called The Gotham City Sirens, she lists off herself, Catwoman, and then “Kate and Babs," most likely referring to Batwoman Kate Kane, and Batgirl Barbara Gordon. This little bit of dialogue gives further credibility to the theory that Harley and Catwoman are working alongside Batman, something that was hinted at in Injustice 2's “The Lines Are Redrawn” trailer. 

We also get our first look at Poison Ivy’s gameplay, even if it is just a few seconds. The few moves she manages to pull off seem to reveal a strong emphasis on zoning, especially with an attack that shows vines attacking from the ground being highly reminiscent of Shinnok's Hell Sparks in Mortal Kombat X. Here's hoping we get to see more of her soon.

Injustice 2's previous trailer showed off Scarecrow, Bane, Captain Cold, and Gorilla Grodd; you can get a look at it here.

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