Infinite Space

The Outer Reaches Of Space In Your Pocket
by Matt Miller on Sep 30, 2009 at 12:11 PM
Platform DS
Publisher Sega
Developer Platinum Games
Rating Rating Pending

We’re intrigued by the sheer ambition of Infinite Space. The makers of the incredibly complex Steel Battalion are behind this new DS role-playing adventure, which already released in Japan to enthusiastic sales and reviews. The outer space epic sprawls across two galaxies, includes dozens of ship types, and a huge array of planets and solar systems to explore.
Players adopt the role of Yuri, a young space crewman, as he pursues his ambition of becoming a ship captain. In service to that goal, the game puts a big focus on spaceship building and customization. Somewhere around 150 blueprints offer a huge variety of ships to build, and you can recruit dozens of different crewmen that impact the functionality and effectiveness of your vessel in battle.
While the story plays out in traditional anime-style scenes, the ship-to-ship battles appear to be in real-time 3D. A command gauge builds up based on the abilities of your crew, and when full, enables an attack against enemy ships. From the glimpses we’ve seen of the game in action, it appears that there are also character battles once you board enemy ships.
Early feedback on the game has included the conspicuous mention of an extremely high difficulty curve, but learning the ropes may be worth it if the story and scope are as deep as they appear to be. Unless the localization process goes off track, we expect to plug this in to our DS units sometime next spring.

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