Sony Online Shows Us Why H1Z1 Will Take Brains To Survive
by Mike Futter on Jun 30, 2014 at 05:22 PM
Platform PC
Publisher Daybreak Game Studios
Developer Daybreak Game Studios
Rating Teen

Sony Online’s next big project is the zombie-survival MMO, H1Z1. At first glance, you’ll likely get a strong Day Z vibe, but game designer Jimmy Whisenhunt shows what makes it unique.

H1Z1 combines crafting and construction with the “dropped in the woods” concept that Dean Hall’s Day Z introduced. Sony Online is designing some of the game elements, but the emergent AI means that you’ll never know exactly what to expect from the world.

In the demo, you’ll get a sense for the crafting, construction, and some of the survival elements. For instance, you can use a dew collector to capture fresh water. Alternatively, you can collect dirty water (which trades health for hydration if you drink it) and then filter with charcoal filters or boil in order to purify it.

H1Z1 will keep players on their toes, with each day having different weather. The environment will also react to the different weather. For instance, You can stay dry under trees in order to light a campfire and keep warm.

For more on H1Z1, check out our coverage from E3. The title is going to be headed into early access on Steam soon.

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