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Guild Wars 2

30-Minute Video Preview
by Adam Biessener on Apr 13, 2012 at 07:01 AM

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Platform PC
Publisher NCSoft
Developer ArenaNet
Rating Teen

ArenaNet designer Jonathan Sharp walks us through Guild Wars 2's innovative dynamic questing system and shows off a never-before-seen PvP map.

The video below touches on a few of Guild Wars 2's most important elements. Curious about how the game eschews traditional MMO leveling content, or how the combat system works, or what the scoop on the massive "world vs. world" open-world PvP battles is? Sharp narrates all those answers and more over raw gameplay footage recorded at the Game Informer offices.

More Guild Wars 2 content awaits you in the six-page feature in the May issue of Game Informer as well as the podcast that Sharp recorded with us while he was in town.

Which aspect of Guild Wars 2 is most exciting or most concerning to you as a potential player?

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