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Guardians of Middle-earth

First Look At Single-Lane Combat
by Bryan Vore on Aug 03, 2012 at 10:09 AM
Platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive
Developer Monolith Productions
Rating Teen

Get your first look at the single-lane map in Monolith's upcoming MOBA-style console game, Guardians of Middle-earth, right here. Producer Bob Roberts explains the action as GI's Adam Biessener tries to hold his own against the dev team in chaotic Dota-alike action.

Developed as an homage to the popular "all-random, all-mid" variant currently sweeping through the League of Legends community, Guardians' single-lane map is all team fights, all the time.

The lack of last-hitting – and money itself – in Guardians of Middle-earth is weird from a MOBA player's standpoint, but the action feels great on a controller and the bedrock strategy of controlling lanes, tower diving, ganking, and more shines through brilliantly.

Guardians of Middle-earth comes out later this year on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

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