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In Challenging Platformer Gonner, You Have To Use Your Head
by Daniel Tack on Mar 16, 2016 at 07:30 AM
Publisher: Raw Fury
Developer: Raw Fury Games
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: PC

Raw Fury Games’s upcoming platformer Gonner has a lot to love in a lightweight package. The concept is fairly simple; it’s a tough platformer roguelite where your character has to choose from a variety of heads and weapons to complete the task at hand, tackling expansive levels and deadly boss rooms.

Players will unlock new heads through gameplay, though there are a decent amount of options to start with. Players can select heads that give them an additional jump, double fire, and extra pips of health. If you get hit (with most heads) your head will pop off and you have a chance to collect it with your body instead of dying immediately, but it can be tricky to get your essentials back when enemies are in the way. In true Mario fashion, you can also jump on top of most enemies to take them out, but be wary of prickly foes that won’t play nice with that strategy.

Gun selection is also important. Do you opt for the powerful but focused shotgun or the crowd clearing laser beam? Like the heads, it’s more about having options than finding the “overpowered” option; you’re basically selecting the right tool for the job based on what enemies you’re planning to face in the trials ahead.

Die, and you’re back to square one, all the way to the beginning. While the build we played was far from complete, there are plans to incorporate some roguelite elements into the game, meaning players will actually unlock some new things as they try, try, and try again.

Right now, Gonner is planned for a PC Steam release, but I’m hoping we see the challenging platformer hit new platforms after launch later this year.