Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch Gives Players More Freedom In Its Japanese Open World
by Cody Mello-Klein on Oct 30, 2017 at 02:02 PM
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
Platform: PlayStation 4

Who doesn’t want to play as a samurai? That’s Sucker Punch's philosophy, based on a behind the scenes video for its new stealth action game Ghost of Tsushima, which debuted at Sony’s Paris Games Week presentation.

When Sucker Punch decided to move away from Infamous three-and-a-half-years-ago, the team knew it had to have a strong idea that would capture players’ imaginations. According to creative director Nate Fox, the fantasy of playing as a samurai in feudal Japan was too exciting to pass up. "We came upon this game idea, which is awesomely simple," Fox said. "Who doesn't want to go to feudal Japan? Who doesn't want to be a samurai with a katana on their hip?"

The behind the scenes video doesn’t show off any new gameplay, but it does provide a better sense of Sucker Punch’s approach to the game’s open world and the history the creative team is pulling from.

Sucker Punch wants to give players more freedom and choice in this open world version of feudal Japan. Taking on the role of a samurai in a 1274 version of Japan, set during the Mongol invasion of Tsushima, an island between Japan’s mainland and the Korean Peninsula. In the game, players will be able to explore Tsushima and all its villages and landscapes.

According to creative director Jason Connell, the team is really focusing on exploration and a sense of discovery. “I think player choice in the game will mean something very different than other games we’ve made in the past,” says Connell. “We really want you to have that choice of, ‘Hey, that cool bamboo forest over there, I really want to check it out. I want to head in that direction and I want to see what it is.’”

We still don't know when players will be able to slice their way through Tsushima, but stay tuned for more information. And in the meantime, watch our video feature on the history of Sucker Punch and the Infamous series.

[Source: PlayStation Youtube]