Gears of War 3

Gears Of War 3 Gamescom Screenshot Gallery
by Andrew Reiner on Aug 16, 2011 at 07:23 AM
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Epic Games
Release: April 2011
Rating: Mature
Platform: Xbox 360

Gears of War 3's September 20 release date is just around the corner, and Game Informer's Jeff Cork got a chance to play it earlier today at Gamescom. He put his skills to the test in Horde mode, yet did not report how he did. We're guessing he took last place (like he usually does), while at the same time getting his entire team killed (never play with him).

Microsoft didn't have any new Gears-related announcements to share, but the publisher did share 16 screenshots, many of which were released at this year's E3. I've included all of them in one giant gallery below. Enjoy the eye feast!