Galactic Civilizations III

Stardock Releases First Galactic Civilizations III Gameplay Video
by Ben Reeves on Mar 24, 2014 at 02:20 PM
Publisher: Stardock
Developer: Stardock
Rating: Everyone 10+
Platform: PC

One of the highest-rated 4x strategy games of all time is getting a sequel. Will you lead your space empire into a era of peace and transcendence or will you conquer your foes with advanced interstellar weapons? You don't need to answer, we already know what you're going to do.

Watch the video below, narrated by the haunting voice of Stardock brand manager Adam Biessener, to see a high speed version of the game in action. This first look at the game in action shows how players move around and explore Galactic Civilizations's hex-based space empire.

Fans who pre-order the Founder's Edition will have early access the Alpha version, which should hit Steam later this week.

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