Frozen Synapse Tactics

Get A New Look At The Vita Version Of Frozen Synapse Tactics
by Mike Futter on Feb 07, 2014 at 06:10 AM
Publisher: Mode 7 Games
Developer: Mode 7 Games
Release: TBA
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: PlayStation Vita

Many tactics games boil down to a series of individual unit turns, making characters more like chess pieces than combatants on the field of battle. Frozen Synapse Tactics elevates combat, forcing players to consider how opponents will move.

Mode 7’s strategy title began life on PC, and a number of enhancements are being made to bring it to the Vita. One of the big changes is a shift away from traditional menus to an easier to navigate wheel.

Mode 7 is also taking some of the guesswork out of move planning by adding a dynamic cone of vision. Moves can also be assigned to the opposing team as a way to explore how a turn might play out. Since moves can be plotted, tested, and reconfigured multiple times before locking in, this provides a chance to see how your second-guessing will be realized.

Frozen Synapse is currently in alpha, as you’ll see in the video. No release date has been announced, but based on what we’re seeing, the title is shaping up to fit in nicely in the Vita’s growing indie library.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]