Final Fantasy XV

Trailer Showcases Magical Creatures And Beasts, Featuring Florence And The Machine's Music
by Elise Favis on Aug 13, 2016 at 12:40 PM
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Rating: Teen
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia

Square Enix unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, highlighting its fantastical beasts and creatures that inhabit the world. Florence and the Machine's haunting song "I Will Be" plays in the background, which is one of three tracks that the band recorded for the upcoming game.

Final Fantasy XV releases for Xbox One and PlayStation on September 30. A movie tie-in to the game, titled Kingsglaive, is out in select theaters as of August 19. Click the banner below to see our hub of exclusive content surrounding the RPG.