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Final Fantasy XIII

Getting To Know Your Heroes
by Joe Juba on Sep 27, 2009 at 02:39 PM

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Platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Publisher Square Enix
Developer Square Enix
Rating Teen

With Final Fantasy XIII only months away from its Japanese release, the gaming world will soon be full of facts regarding the long-anticipated title. While gamers wait patiently for the deluge of details, these profiles can help you familiarize yourself with the key characters and where they stand when the story begins. This is just a small slice of the undoubtedly larger cast, but it’s something to hold you over until the game’s North American release next spring.



Name: Lightning
Weapon: Bladed Gun
Background: Lightning is a former soldier who now fights against the government she used to defend. She is a powerful warrior, using her speed and acrobatic prowess to her advantage. She seems aloof when dealing with others, and makes calculated decisions.
Random Fact: When she summons the eidolon Odin, she is able to ride his giant horse while attacking.

Name: Hope Estheim
Weapon: Boomerangs
Background: The government was deporting Hope and his mother when Lightning and Sazh stopped their train. Unfortunately, his mother was killed in the fight that followed. Hope blames Snow for getting her involved, and wants revenge.
Random Fact: We predict that Hope joins the ranks of Quina and Cait Sith in the infamous League of Never-Used Characters.

Name: Sazh
Weapon: Dual Pistols
Background: Sazh is a friend of Lightning’s from her military days, accompanying her on the game’s opening train-rescue mission. Sazh’s reactions to events around him are often exaggerated, making him the party’s most likely source of comic relief.
Random Fact: A baby chocobo lives in his hair.

Name: Vanille
Weapon: Lashed Rod
Background: Vanille is a friendly and energetic young woman, and is on the same train as Hope and his mother when they are rescued. She helps take care of Hope after the death of his mother, and the two of them develop a close bond.
Random Fact: Her weapon appears to be a cross between a bow and a whip, sending several lashes flying toward enemies.

Name: Snow
Weapon: Fists
Background: Snow heads an anti-government resistance called Team Nora. He is a charismatic leader, and strongly believes in the cause for which he fights. Several other members of Team Nora have been friends with Snow since they were kids.
Random Fact: The developers referred to Snow as “Mr. 33cm” before his name was revealed (it’s a reference to his shoe size).

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