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Fable Legends

Playing The Villain - Being Bad In Fable Legends
by Daniel Tack on Aug 12, 2014 at 12:39 PM
Platform Xbox One, PC
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Developer Lionhead Studios

At Gamescom 2014, I had an opportunity to play as the villain against a party of four adventurous souls in Fable Legends. The villain plays quite unlike the other players in a game, with an overhead view of the action and a number of ways to trap, brutalize, harass, and force the heroes into an unpleasant war of attrition as they move through the maps.

In this particular map, I had a handful of special minions under my command and access to various hazards strewn about the map. I could stack up mines in strategic locations in order to try and hit the heroes as they came under fire from my archers or raise gates to separate the players and try to burst them down. Ordering minions around and controlling their special attacks is easy despite the many factors happening on the field at any given time.

My minions all have normal attacks that can be aimed at specific hero targets as well as special moves - The Puck, for example, is perfect for stealthing far behind the enemy tank, waiting for an opportune gate to rise and come between heroes that have spread too far apart, and lambasting the healer or mage with powerful roguelike assaults from the shadows. As my waves get mopped up, new minions come onboard as the heroes move through each area.

Eventually as the heroes reach their goal they’re running out of potions and my big unit - A giant ogre - comes online. He has a poison cloud attack and I’m supporting him with archers and a skillful Puck, but the heroes persevere with some solid speed and tactics, keeping the brute at bay. I can’t quite corner them and they proceed to win the match. I did manage to run them out of potions, but I couldn’t quite seal the deal.

Fable Legends has some interesting things going for it, and I’m curious to see how things continue to be implemented as we march toward the multiplayer beta on October 16.

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