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Dungeon Defenders II Saves The Kingdom In Early Access Next Month

by Mike Futter on Nov 10, 2014 at 01:00 PM

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Trendy's Dungeon Defenders is about to begin its next chapter. The tower defense-meets-action gameplay will leave the caverns and explore a variety of new environments in Etheria.

We had a chance to preview Dungeon Defenders II a few months back, taking the new combo attack system for a spin. The sequel will encourage players to choose their traps and armaments to complement each other and those of teammates.

Maps are more varied with additional environmental features, changing pathways as enemies surge, minibosses, and sub-objectives. The game is headed to early access starting on December 5. While Dungeon Defenders II will eventually be a free-to-play game, those choosing to play pre-release will have an entry fee.

You can read more about the title in our most recent preview.

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