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Yager Shows Off Dreadnought's Team Elimination Mode, Complete With Snub Fighters
by Mike Futter on Jun 08, 2015 at 10:21 AM
Platform PC
Publisher Grey Box
Developer Yager
Release 2015
Rating Rating Pending

Yager's Dreadnought is built around the fantasy of commanding a large spacefaring vessel like the Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica, or Millennium Falcon. The five-versus-five gameplay moves at a more strategic pace due to the size of the ships, which is accentuated by the most recently revealed mode.

We had a chance to play Dreadnought's team elimination game type at PAX East, but you can see it for yourself today. In this mode, players need to take more care in engaging. Once your capital ship is destroyed, it's gone until the end of the round.

The narrated video above shows off a number of rounds with different strategies. You'll also get a look at a variety of classes and abilities, including support ships that can heal teammates and snipers.

The commentary adds a significant amount, as Yager takes the opportunity to showcase how strategies come together (and fall apart). This video also shows the value of a coordinated fighter wing, ensuring that players can still impact the match after their capital ships are destroyed.

Dreadnought is scheduled to enter external testing as early as this summer. For more, check out our preview from PAX East.

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