Drawn To Death

Scribbly Shooter Drawn To Life Gets April Release Date, In-Depth Dev Video
by Jeff Cork on Feb 06, 2017 at 03:50 AM
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: SIE San Diego Studio
Rating: Mature
Platform: PlayStation 4

Drawn to Death is an usual-looking game, to be sure, but what sets it apart from other hero shooters on the market today is more than skin deep. Designer David Jaffe talks about the game's frantic four-player action, explaining why a pared-down player count helps keep the action more strategic than a twitchy free-for-all.

In the video below, Jaffe explains how having fewer opponents lets you get a better sense of where your enemies are and what they're capable of – even getting a sense of the kind of player they are. He readily admits that it may seem like a turn off initially, but that players who have gotten their hands on the game have grown fond of both the game's finely tuned (and over-the-top) action.

In addition to showing off the game, Jaffe and his studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, have announced a release date for the game: It's coming to the PlayStation 4 on April 4.

For more on Drawn to Death, take a look at a preview we wrote way back when the game was first announced.

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