Dragon Quest Heroes II

Dragon Quest Heroes II Coming To North America
by Jeff Cork on Dec 08, 2016 at 04:21 AM
Platform PlayStation 4
Publisher Square Enix
Developer Omega Force
Rating Teen

Square Enix has announced that it's bringing Dragon Quest Heroes II to North America in 2017. The Dynasty Warriors-style action game was released in Japan earlier this year, but we'll have to wait a bit longer before we can play it on PlayStation 4.

The game, which is a sequel to (deep breath) Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below, features two all-new playable heroes, Lazarel and Teresa. They have to battle monsters in Accordia to restore peace to the land. It's essentially an excuse to slay thousands of monsters, either alone or in an online party of up to four players.

You can check out the game's opening cinematic below.

Dragon Quest Heroes II is coming to PlayStation 4 on April 25.

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