New PlayStation Access Destiny Interview Reveals More Details
by Mike Futter on Oct 31, 2013 at 02:59 AM
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Publisher Activision
Developer Bungie
Rating Teen

PlayStation Access, a channel run by PlayStation in the UK, sat down with two members of the Destiny team to dig into some of the finer details of what players can expect. In the video, community manager Eric Osborne and assistant community manager David Dague talk a little bit about what weapons, vehicles, matchmaking, and the upcoming beta.

As you might recall, Destiny will feature three weapon classes: primary, special, and heavy. Each of these will also include special drops called “exotics.” These are named weapons with a backstory and unique look.

Some of the vehicles that have been revealed so far are mentioned, also. The Sparrow hoverbike is accessible to all players, but they can also steal a Pike vehicle from enemies. Each player will be able to get a personal ship for travel to different planets (and our own Moon, which has been infested by the Hive).

As for matchmaking, Bungie assures that players of different skill, experience, and play time will be able to group up. “There aren’t going to be barriers between people who want to play with each other,” Dague says.

As for competitive multiplayer and guilds or clans, Bungie isn’t quite ready to talk. However, Dague and Osborne do encourage players to create their Bungie.net IDs. If you pre-order the title, you’ll get a code for the early 2014 beta. You won’t need to choose your platform yet, as Bungie is sensitive to the console launches and the holiday season.

You can watch the full interview below. You can also check out a Destiny ViDoc and more information about the beta and matchmaking.

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