Dead Space 2

10 Things You Should Know About Dead Space 2
by Andrew Reiner on Jan 06, 2011 at 06:17 AM
Platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Visceral Games
Rating Mature

If you don't have January 25 circled on your calendar, or programmed on your phone as an important event, take a second out of your day to make sure you don't forget this date. This is Dead Space 2's launch day. I've already played through the game, and have compiled a list of the 10 things you should know going into it. If you don't want anything spoiled for you, you may want to quit reading now.


Isaac Clarke Is Insane
Although Isaac Clarke managed to flee the Ishimura relatively unscathed, he contracted the contagion that lay waste to the ship’s crew. In addition to battling a new breed of necromorphs, Isaac is battling the virus and the toll it is taking on his mental state. He sees ghosts, past memories come to haunt him, and you can’t help but wonder if he’s really battling necromorphs or if his mind is playing tricks on him.

The Atmosphere Is Familiar
Rather than navigating the Ishimura’s suffocating steel corridors, Isaac now finds himself on The Sprawl, a space station built on one of Saturn’s moons. The Sprawl is a place many families call home, and has all of the accommodations you’d expect in modern society; this includes neon-lit shopping districts, colorful daycares, and holy places to worship. Once the virus hits, these familiar environments transform into battlegrounds and places where horrors await.

Necromorphs Are Stronger
Targeting the limbs of necromorphs is still a sound tactic in Dead Space 2, but it won’t offer instant gratification on the new variations Isaac confronts. Appearing to have been dunked in black tar, these “super” necromorphs have tougher hides and will drain you of precious ammo.

No Room Is Safe
Visceral Games toys with player emotions just as much as they mess with Isaac’s sanity. Jump-out-of-your-seat moments and scenes dripping with suspense and terror are the norm in Dead Space 2. Necromorphs burst through walls, toss Isaac around like a rag doll, and will even make you second guess your safety in every save room you enter.

Zero Gravity
Although Isaac is aboard a gigantic space station, he will still find himself in gravity-free zones and in the vacuum of space. He now has the ability to freely float through these areas, which often require disorienting twisting and turning through tight spaces. Thankfully, he can still use his arsenal to fend off space’s surprising foes.

Death Is Welcomed
When a new enemy type appears, your first instinct may be to let it kill Isaac, as the death sequences are as fun to watch as Mortal Kombat’s Fatalities.

The Mystery At Hand
What is the marker? How is Isaac tied to it? If you pay close attention to objects in the environments and during cutscenes you may pick up on a few clues that point toward Dead Space 2’s big revelations before they happen. For instance, take a good look at Rubik’s Cube on the desk during the opening cutscene.

Weapons, Armors, Upgrades
Dead Space 2’s economy works exactly like its predecessors. Isaac will find cash hidden and ammo clips hidden in crates and on dead necromorphs. If he takes the time to explore his environment, he will also find blueprints for new weapons, as well as nodes that can upgrade any firearm or armor.

Water Cooler Moments
Certain sequences in Dead Space 2 break free from the normal over-the-shoulder view, and usually put Isaac in a bad spot. I won’t ruin these moments for you, but just make sure you keep your hand on the controller at all times. A sequence that may look like a cutscene may actually be gameplay.

Play as Necromorphs
Dead Space 2’s multiplayer component pits humankind against the necromorph legion, and players will get the chance to experience the war from both perspectives. All of the necromorph variations control differently, yet can be equally as devastating to the human’s push to secure objectives in a set amount of time. This setup may sound similar to Left 4 Dead’s, but humans are not limited to just one life. They can respawn as many times as they want, just like the necromorphs. End of match kill and death counts are usually quite high, as necromorphs have the ability to spawn just a few feet from their foes.

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