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Dead Rising 4

Two New Enemy Types Have Been Announced
by Blake Hester on Jul 27, 2016 at 07:18 AM
Platform Xbox One
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Developer Capcom Vancouver
Rating Mature

In promotion of its upcoming game, Dead Rising 4, Capcom Vancouver recently gave a quick peek behind the curtain. Judging from this trailer, Dead Rising 4 will be the most gory and over the top of in the series yet, with gruesome new enemies and clever weapons.

One of the key points in this new trailer is the announcement of two new enemy types: the freshly infected and the evo. The freshly infected are newly-turned zombies that transform before players' eyes, attacking frantically and aggressively. The evo are stronger zombies, able to jump at players over long distances and dodge attacks. Also in this new trailer are some looks at combat, story, and lots of zombies.

Dead Rising 4 was announced at Microsoft's E3 press conference earlier this year. It is expected to release on December 6 as a timed-exclusive to the Xbox One and PC. Check out our hands-on preview from the show for more information. If you're dying for more Dead Rising, Capcom recently confirmed Dead Rising 1 and 2 would be coming to current-gen consoles.

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