Dead Island

Sam B. Joins Dead Island
by Joe Juba on Apr 07, 2011 at 11:05 AM
Platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Publisher Deep Silver
Developer Techland
Rating Mature

Dead Island isn't all about zombies in paradise. It's also about the people who need to survive the undead horde, and Sam B. is one of the unfortunate guests who will be fighting for his life.

According to Deep Silver's press release, Sam B. is a one-hit-wonder rap sensation who is at the island's hotel to perform his song "Who Do You Voodoo." Then a bunch of other stuff probably happens. The point is this: zombies are everywhere and Sam B. needs to re-kill them. You can see Sam in action in the screenshots below.

If one character isn't enough Dead Island to satisfy you, you can check out some screens and a trailer, then read up on the facts in our full preview.

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