Dead Island

New Dead Island Screens Show A Paradise Lost
by Jeff Cork on Mar 17, 2011 at 04:22 AM
Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: Techland
Rating: Mature
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

Dead Island focuses on the aftermath of what life would be like immediately following a zombie infestation on a beautiful tropical island. Deep Silver and developer Techland have released three new screens that zero in on the setting. If you're hoping to see legions of the undead tearing through vacationers, get ready for disappointment. If you'd rather soak in a few images of formerly gorgeous Royal Palms Resort, however, you're in luck.

The three images, pictured in the gallery below, highlight just a few of the island's surroundings. Seeing the game in motion makes you appreciate just how jarring it is to see blood pooling beneath poolside lounge chairs. If furniture doesn't float your boat, there is a glimpse of a hulking zombie variant. You can spot him towering above a car-jammed bridge--he's a little tough to miss. And even though he's seemingly immobilized in a straightjacket and face mask, there's no doubt that someone of that size could easily lean forward and ram through anything in his way, including the player. Compounded with the game's focus on melee combat rather than firearms, and you've got yourself an enemy encounter you'd probably rather avoid.

This does raise an important question, however. If the military was conducting experiments on people, which is looking as though it's the most likely scenario here, they must have found an effective way of keeping mutant zombies like this under control. Surely, if he'd simply experienced a massive growth spurt his clothing would have torn off Hulk-style. That means that someone made this guy a special custom-built outfit and wrangled him into it. Or maybe we're just over-thinking it.

After you're done with the screens in the gallery, watch the trailer below or check out our extensive preview of the game here.

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