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A Glimpse Into The Unpredictable Sewers
by Tim Turi on Sep 09, 2013 at 12:45 PM
Platform PlayStation 4, PC
Publisher Atlus
Developer Zombie Studios
Rating Mature

At this year’s E3, Zombie Studios unlocked the front doors of Daylight’s abandoned mental asylum and set us loose. The padded walls and tile floors of the hospital aren’t the only locales players will visit, however. If players survive the asylum, they’ll make it to the entrance of the dank, corroding sewers.

In addition to the newly revealed sewers, Zombie Studios says players also venture into a prison and a forest, and make an eventual return trip to the hospital. Unreal Engine 4 gives the studios the ability to randomly generate these areas for a unique experience every time. This isn’t just limited to the placement of specific rooms, but also the decorations, quest items, and scares. The horrifying surprises include furniture flipping upside down onto the ceiling, ghost attacks, jarring noises, and more. 

In the vein of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Daylight is combat-free and focuses on flight over fight. As the mysterious heroine becomes more frightened, a strange tattoo spreads across her arms. If the tattoo completes itself she dies. Finding special healing tokens will stop the evil ink’s expansion. Other items are scattered around the environment such as files that expand on the hospital’s backstory. The main character’s phone – which also acts as the flashlight – can also receive calls from a dead doctor’s ghost for some added color.

In addition to hunting down objects in the environments, Zombie Studios promises there will be special puzzle rooms that are the same no matter what layout the engine cobbles together. The developer didn’t have anything to show, but expect to push and pull objects, fiddle with valves, or hunt down keys to progress.

Daylight is currently in development for digital release on the PC and PlayStation 4. Pressing the Share button on the PS4 controller allows you to livestream your playthrough and show your friends just how much of a wimp you are. Zombie Studios is also supporting the Oculus Rift and 3D TVs (complete with 3D-specific scares) for truly masochistic players. Daylight is due out early next year.

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