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Dangerous Golf

Destruction With Design
by Matthew Kato on Apr 05, 2016 at 10:30 AM
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Publisher Three Fields Entertainment
Developer Three Fields Entertainment
Rating Everyone

Dangerous Golf's premise is simple, but it's not brainless. I've played through the game's first 10 boards, and they're already filled with the kinds of moments you'd expect from the creators of Burnout: cathartic destruction, unpredictability, and addictive gameplay.

Any barbarian can smash stuff, but the smart person does so with strategy. Your tee shot must take into account the layout of the room, be cognizant of any bonus score objectives (like hitting certain objects), and tally enough damage to earn a Smashbreaker – the timed shot where you really rack up the points.

During the Smashbreaker you steer the ball (including slight gas/brake) in slow-mo by moving the camera with the left analog to point the ball where you want it to go. The joy and frustration is that it's going to follow its own physics, careening off into new areas and creating near-misses. Sometimes you want to guide the ball places, other times it's best to let it bounce on its own. Still, you have to be mindful where you go with the Smashbreaker since your final shot is a putt that scores more the longer it travels and breaks stuff on the way.

Dangerous Golf has the right mix of randomness and control to make it fun and spur you to keep up with the leaderboards. As it unfolds new layers are revealed, slowly testing your abilities. One board turns the lights off, with only intermittent lightning flashes revealing the level. Another doesn't show you the hole until after you've earned a certain amount during the Smashbreaker. There's also a timed putting stage where ricochets off the wall can lead to big points.

Developer Three Fields Entertainment says this is only the beginning of what the game has to offer (it's out in June), which sounds great to us. The more they set it up the more we'll keep knocking it all down.

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