The Creator Of Skrillex Quest Returns With Continue?9876543210
by Kyle Hilliard on Jan 04, 2014 at 10:29 AM
Platform PC
Publisher Jason Oda
Developer Jason Oda
Rating Rating Pending

In 2012, Jason Oda teamed up with Skrillex to release Skrillex Quest, a free browser game. Oda is back with a new game called Continue?9876543210, which explores the fate of a defeated video game character.

The game was part of Steam's Greenlight program and is available now on Steam at a 20% discount. You can check out the trailer below to see the game, which recalls elements of Minecraft and Sword & Sworcery. The description for the game on Steam reads, "Continue? is an existential metaphor that explores the finite nature of existence and the beauty and tyranny of our desires within it." The description also openly describes the game as being "weird".

Thanks to Jim Ellis for the news tip!

[Source: Steam, via Polygon]

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