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Card Hunter

Attack Of The Artifacts Expansion Detailed
by Isaac Federspiel on Apr 17, 2014 at 09:28 AM
Platform PC, Mac
Publisher Blue Manchu
Developer Blue Manchu
Rating Not rated

It didn’t take long for Blue Manchu to follow up on its announcement of a Card Hunter expansion last week. A video the Attack of the Artifacts expansion hit YouTube earlier today.

Attack of the Artifacts is Card Hunters first expansion, which is available as a $15 bundle or with pizza, the in-game currency. The expansion includes:

  • Five new Treasure Hunt Adventures
  • One month club membership
  • Nine extra figures
  • Three Magnificent Artifact chests (each guaranteeing one rare AorA item)

One more adventure has been added to Card Hunter, but it is available for free. The six total adventures are split into two groups: three are level seven through nine, while the other three are for levels 18 and up. Each new adventure is a Treasure Hunt missions that guarantees players an epic item as a reward for winning.

Tweaks to certain classes are also being made, specifically the elves. Blue Manchu noticed that elves are the least played class, so they added cards to try and make them more viable in multiplayer.

It is also adding a mode for official tournaments. Multiplayer Leagues come in two varieties: one is a fixed-deck league that uses pre-made decks provided by the developers, and the Constructed League allows players to bring their own decks. Leagues run for a fixed period of time, and depending on how you score at the end, you can win prizes.

Players can earn a free artifact chest for the first week after Card Hunter’s Attack of the Artifacts expansion becomes available by logging on every day. Blue Manchu is also running free leagues that week.
The developer stated that more details will be revealed in addition videos of the next few days. Attack of the Artifacts is releasing later this month, but no specific release date has been set.

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