Rampaging Beasts And Raging Gunfire In New Bulletstorm Screens

by Tim Turi on Feb 08, 2011 at 06:00 AM

Epic Games and People Can Fly's upcoming collaborative effort, Bulletstorm, is a game that's best described as a vivid exercise in gun-toting sadism. This latest batch of sreenshots shows off protagonist Grayson Hunt's harrowing quest along the surface of a conflict-addled planet, as he evades monstrous beasts and runs a couple Godzilla lookalikes.

One shot shows Gray and a buddy sitting across a bound man with a bottle affixed to his head. This screenshot is from the game's opening sequence, in which the duo play a drunken game of William Tell with a captured bounty hunter. Another shows off two similarly grotesque beasts, one mechanized and the size of a tank, and the other organic and bigger than the Statue of Liberty. Also be sure to take a close look at the bright, colorful vistas the world of Bulletstorm has to offer. There's a surprising amount of architectural originality and stunning backdrops for a game that lets you shoot a guy in the balls.

Bulletstorm hits PS3, 360, and PC February 22.

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