Tense Trailer Sells Planet Castaway Fantasy
by Andrew Reiner on Apr 21, 2016 at 10:05 AM
Publisher: Nkidu Games
Developer: Drama Drifters
Release: May
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: PC

After awakening from cryogenic hibernation on an alien world, your first task is to repair your shelter to prolong your life. You be tasked to explore the environment to uncover supplies that can help your cause. Along the way, the narrative of what happened to you and the shelter unfolds. Yes, this sounds a lot like the book and film The Martian, but it also sounds like an interesting science-fiction mystery and a game that's trying something different.

Developed by Drama Drifters and published by Nkidu Games, this PC title is right around the corner, with a tentative May release date. The short trailer below gives us a brief tease of what we can expect from the gameplay and narrative. Set in the year 2245, it would appear the player uses some kind of drone to explore the terrain and mine resources, and various computer systems to repair equipment and a lab to compose new items.

Nkidu's marketing materials stress the point that players will "face the truth" as the game unfolds, implying the story will be front and center. As of today, Breached can be added to Steam wishlists.