Blue Dragon Plus Review

DS Spin-Off Fails to Capture Original's Nostalgic Bliss
by Joe Juba on Sep 22, 2009 at 02:02 PM
Reviewed on DS
Publisher Ignition Games
Developer Brownie Brown
Rating Everyone

I love how Blue Dragon on the Xbox 360 took classic RPG conventions and made them feel new again. Blue Dragon Plus also borrows from its predecessors, but the games it emulates are bad ones. Like Brownie Brown's previous RTS titles for DS (Heroes of Mana and Magical Starsign), the botched and imprecise touchscreen interface makes even simple actions like movement and unit selection unpredictable. Once you throw in a crowd of enemies and multiple characters to manage, it explodes into a frustrating mess. The story doesn't even make the pain worthwhile; after the events of the first game, the plot feels unnecessary and tacked on. As much as I enjoyed the world of the original Blue Dragon, I'm just going to pretend this dismal follow-up never happened.

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