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John Romero's First-Person Shooter Comeback Heads To Kickstarter
by Matt Bertz on Apr 25, 2016 at 05:00 AM
Platform PC
Publisher Night Work Games
Developer Night Work Games
Rating Rating Pending

Starting with Double Fine's successful crowdfunding campaign for Broken Age back in 2012, Kickstarter has proven to be a great funding option for veteran game designers rekindling favorite genres and games that have fallen out of the limelight in the age of triple-A blockbusters. Today, id Software alumni John Romero and Adrian Carmack (Doom, Quake) announced a new shooter that promises a return to old-school sensibilities.

The duo's new studio, Night Work Games, sees Romero return to level design, while Carmack's vision drives the art direction. Romero first teased this project when he released a new Doom level this past January. 

In Blackroom, players assume the role of Santiago Sonora, a gun-wielding engineer from a company that specializes in holographic simulations. The Blackroom technology is supposed to allow users to travel anywhere at any time. But when a new Predictive Memory technology starts merging these virtual realities with the real world, it's up to you to fight through dangerous simulations set in medieval castles, wild-west ghost towns, and Victorian mansions. In a nod to his early FPS pedigree, Romero promises a 10-plus hour campaign with gameplay driven by fast movement, circle-strafing, and rocket jumps. Sonora also has tools that let him hack the environment around him. 

In addition to the campaign, Blackroom features an array of multiplayer options like deathmatches and arena battles set in a smorgasbord of locations including demonic planes, deep space, and modern military settings. Night Work Games also plans to support modding and dedicated servers.  

To learn more the game, you can visit the Kickstarter page or watch a Twitch livestream at 12 p.m. Eastern. Romero says they are lining up partners that will support them with additional funding should they meet their Kickstarter goal.

Should Blackroom meet its funding goals, Night Work Games, has tentatively planned a winter 2018 release on PC and Mac.

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