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Platinum Games Shares Bayonetta 2 Concept Art, Explains Haircut
by Kyle Hilliard on Jun 28, 2014 at 08:27 AM
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Platinum Games
Rating: Mature
Platform: Switch, Wii U

In the latest blog on Platinum Games' website, the developer shares some concept art for Bayonetta, and explains why she decided to get a haircut.

You will also find some concept art for Bayonetta's weapons and face, as well as similar images for Jeanne, seen above.

The designs come from freelance artist Mari Shimazaki, who wrote, "After talking with Hashimoto and Kamiya, the three of us came to the conclusion Bayonetta’s not the kind of girl who’d show up with the same hairstyle for her sequel. A girl can be known to change her hairstyle depending on her mood, so I guess Bayonetta was in the mood for something short. Still, knowing her, there’s no telling when she’ll decide to change it again."

Shimazak also explains that Bayonetta's theme this time around is "solid" which is why her design for the sequel is built with more straight lines, where in the previous game, Bayonetta's design used more curved lines.

You can head to here to see all the designs, as well more details on Jeanne. For more on Bayonetta 2, head here to learn how you will be able to play the original game on Wii U with Nintendo-themed costumes, and here for our hands-on with the game at E3.

[Source: Platinum Games]

Thanks to Clint for the news tip!

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