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Taking A Strategic Approach To Mech Combat
by Robbie Key on Mar 27, 2018 at 12:37 PM

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Platform PC, Mac, Linux
Publisher Paradox Interactive
Developer Harebrained Schemes
Rating Rating Pending

Games with giant robots have long been associated with fast, chaotic gameplay and Michael Bay-esque explosions, but developer Harebrained Schemes is aiming for a more thought-provoking, tactical angle to robot-on-robot battles in Battletech.

In 3025, humanity is divided among noble houses. You play as the commander of a mech mercenary outfit that assists a mutinied ruler in taking back her throne. Players have the option to either assist the ruler as an act of kindness or fight for profit. Harebrained has not clarified if taking one path will affect the story, or perhaps change how to undertake scenarios – both in managing your during and outside fights – with less coin in the pocket.

Confusing Battletech's story trailer for a new MechWarrior entry is understandable, especially since the robots themselves are called battlemechs, but the game ditches third-person shooting, real-time gameplay for turn-based combat, which publisher Paradox Interactive says is the first of its kind in 20 years. Battles seem akin to Valkyria Chronicles but with a more overhead approach. With turns, players maneuver various mechs, each of which possess their own perks, in environments and decide how to best attack enemies.

Battletech jets onto PC, Mac, and Linux April 24 for $39.99. Pre-order on Steam or the game's website.

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PC, Mac, Linux
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