Battlecrew Space Pirates

Dontnod's Spin-Off Studio Announces Space-Pirate Shooter
by Jeff Cork on Jul 27, 2016 at 04:56 AM
Publisher: Dontnod
Developer: Dontnod Entertainment
Release: 2016
Rating: Rating Pending
Platform: PC

Maybe it's our affinity for eye patches or fondness for peg legs. Perhaps it's the parrots, or possibly the iconic black flag. Regardless of why, one thing is certain: Pirates don't seem to be going anywhere, even as we move into space. The newly rechristened studio Dontnod Eleven has announced Battlecrew Space Pirates, which lets players battle their fellow space pirates in arcade-style matches.

The game features fast-paced 2.5D action, with a variety of different hero characters. You can get a sense of what you're up against in the first trailer, below.

Dontnod Eleven was formerly known as HeSaw games, the studio behind the rail shooter Blue Estate. Dontnod proper, which has developed games including Life is Strange and the upcoming Vampyr, is collaborating with Dontnod Eleven to explore self-publishing games on Steam.

Battlecrew Space Pirates is coming to Steam Early Access soon.